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You Benefit With Calls On Hold

When potential clients call your business and must be placed on hold, offer them important information about your products and services while they wait. Strike Gold On Hold will transform their hold time to enhance your company's bottom line.

Please Hold

Tell you potential clients or repeat customers what they need to hear about your company. When people phone your business and are placed on hold, do they hear the local radio station with your competitors ads? A golden opportunity to present your own product or services information is lost. Callers could and should be hearing about your most profitable products.

What We Do

Many companies spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each month on telephone equipment, line and long distance charges, and, a receptionist to route the calls. Your telephone system and your sales team, along with your advertising efforts are designed to make your phone ring with qualified buyers on the other end.

Strike Gold On Hold has the answer. We provide you with a way to give nuggets of profitable information to your callers with telephone hold advertising.


Silence Is Not So Golden

Why allow your callers to hear silence while they wait on hold. Invest one to two dollars a day to keep your callers on the line, while you tell them what makes your company stand out from your competition. Give them a message and increase your sales.

Our Rate Schedule:

Monthly Format Bi-Monthly Format Quarterly Format Tri-Annual Format Semi-Annual Format
3 Minute Programs 3 Minute Programs 6 Minute Programs 6 Minute Programs 6 Minute Programs
12/year 6/year 4/year 3/year 2/year
$89/Month $69/Month $59/Month $49/Month $39/Month

Additional Locations With Identical Programs | $29/Month

Set-Up Fee (Digital Equipment) $199

All Rates Include:

Copywriting | Professional Announcer | Production | Music Licensing | Full Consultation | Ongoing Technical Support

We also provide recordings for phone prompts-call trees-voicemail.